Dog GPS Tracking and ID Chips & Tags

Anyone that has a dog fears that they will run away or get lost. At any dog park in San Diego, you can find lost dog boards where owners will post pictures, information, phone numbers and even offers of cash rewards to get their beloved pooch back.

Unfortunately, too many people simply act too late with their pet. DO NOT wait until they are lost before trying to do something about it.

If you lost your dog, would you offer a cash reward to get them back? If so, how much? $200? $300 or even more? Wouldn’t it be easier to invest less than $100 upfront to ensure that they NEVER get lost?

With recent advances in modern technology, you can get a GPS tracker for dogs for a very reasonable price. These devices will clip onto the collar your pet already wears, and they can be used to let you know when your pet leaves your property.

The best part about GPS pet tracking is that you can use any smartphone to pull up a map to find their actual location in real-time. This completely eliminates the need for any kind of lost dog poster, rewards or any kind of frantic searching. You simply pull out your cell phone, find out where Fido ran off to, and go get him.

If every single pet owner would take the time to go out and do this as soon as they get a dog, there wouldn’t be any that go missing.

Identification Chips
One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to missing dogs is to assume that getting your veterinarian to insert an identification microchip under their skin will help you find your dog. This will not do you any good in locating them unless someone happens to take your pet to a vet that scans their chip, which is really something that would be more likely to happen if a pet was stolen and not lost.

These chips DO NOT have GPS tracking in them, making it impossible to actually locate a missing dog with them. Unfortunately, most people simply assume that their vet can find their animal with this technology when it was simply not intended for that purpose. Do not make the same mistake with yours.

Where to Buy
There are a variety of different tracking products on the market for pets, but the best ones are going to be the type that clip onto the collar and allow for tracking in real-time. In fact, some of these devices will do much more than that. They have perimeter alert and even fitness tracking features. The fitness tracking is great for those that are looking to get exercise for their dog and possibly even for those that have had a vet recommend for their animal to lose a bit of weight. offers the best of these devices and at prices that are cheaper than you can find in retail stores (shipping is often free too, so that doesn’t inflate the cost).

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