Important Dog Park Traveling Accessories

Whenever you visit a dog park in San Diego or any other city, you’ll want to be sure to have the proper gear for your dog to ensure their safety and enjoyment during your adventure. Many pets get hurt, sick or simply go missing when they are taken outdoors, but there are simple precautions that you can take to completely prevent and avoid these common problems.

Beyond avoiding problems, there are also laws that need to be followed at these places. Leashes are highly recommended in all situations, for example, even when you plan on attending an off-leash area because it may not be off-leash from the parking lot to that area. You are also responsible for immediately cleaning up after your dog on public property to ensure that these places stay beautiful and available to use in the future.

Getting to and from your destination can also present some unique problems for you and your canine friend. Safety should be your number one concern with car rides, but you should also be considering comfort and convenience for both of you. There are a number of simple and very affordable products that can make a major difference and ensure that nothing bad happens to your beloved pet.

There is a decent amount of important information to talk to you about in a number of different subjects relating to travel with your dog, so please read through each of the following pages before visiting a SD park or beach.

There is nothing worse than losing your dog, especially when you take them to a public place away from your home because it can be very difficult if not impossible for them to find their way home. At every park in the city, you’ll find boards full of notices of missing dogs and many are even offering cash rewards. Although this is a common situation, you can easily avoid this problem completely with the use of a GPS tracking collar that will allow you to find your dog in real-time using your smartphone! Read More»

Many pet owners will simply use carriers or crates for their dog when riding in a car, but this can actually be unsafe because most animals are much smaller than the carrier and can be thrown against the wall of it during an accident. There are simple devices that essentially act as a seat belt for your dog that can keep them safely secured for travel. You can also get products that will make them more comfortable during the ride, help you keep their fur off your upholstery, and help them get up into tall vehicles without hurting your back lifting them. Read More»

Avoid serious and even fatal diseases that can affect both you and your pets with simple over-the-counter medicine for your dog to control pests like ticks and fleas. If your animal never leaves the house, it can still be exposed to these parasites and become infected. However, if you frequent local parks and beaches with your dog, you run an even higher risk if you ignore this problem. Read More»

Any public park or beach that you visit with your dog is going to require you to clean up after their fecal waste immediately or else you can be fined. This helps to keep these public properties clean and available as a dog-friendly destination and controls the spread of disease from contamination. Most parks will provide some type of waste station to help you with this, but you should never depend on their presence. The easiest way to deal with this potential problem is to bring waste bags. Learn more about them here along with your other options. Read More»

All dog owners need to have three things: a collar, a harness and a leash. This is for your convenience, to follow the law, and for the safety of your pet. Anytime you take your dog away from your home, be sure to bring these with you. Even if you plan to visit an off-leash park that is fenced-in, you are still required to leash your pet from the parking lot until you are inside of the gate to the off-leash area. Learn about our recommendations for these here and why they are essential for all owners. Read More»