How to Pick The Right Leash Length & Collar

Do you know how to pick the correct length leash for your dog? How about the right collar size and type? Many pet owners do not realize that these questions can have a major impact on both the comfort and overall safety of their beloved “best-friend”.

Anyone that wants to try to train their own dog should definitely read through recommendations here because the right leash and collar can be vital to things like obedience training. This should be important for any owner because it can help you to have verbal control eventually without the use of a leash.

Choose A Leash Length
If you are going to buy one leash to use all the time, one that is eight feet long is a great selection. This is ideal because it allows your pet to have some freedom of movement while also giving you control over them when needed.

This control is important for many reasons, especially when you are away from your home with your dog, but it all boils down to safety. Without a leash, they can easily run away, get hit by a car, get stolen, or even get injured by wildlife. If you love trail hiking with your dog, an 8′ leash lets you keep them from straying off of the path where potentially dangerous creatures, like snakes, can be lingering.

Retractable leashes are very popular because they offer the option of allowing you to set your own length for a given situation. These can be great to have, but you should still exercise caution if you plan to use it in public situations that could potentially be dangerous to your pet. The reels inside of the retractable leashes can break allowing your dog to pull out the full length, or you can mistakenly allow them to have more space from you than is safe. However, if you are confident that you will be using it in a safe environment, it can be a great alternative to a traditional fixed-length leash.

Pick The Right Collar
The collar you select may be even more important than the leash because it determines where the leash pressure is applied on your dog. If your pet is headed for danger and you need to quickly stop them by pulling back on the leash, you can easily injure them if they are using a neck collar and you pull too hard.

Collars are great for off-leash usage to display identification and vaccination information for your dog and to give them more comfort, but harnesses are actually the best choice for leash usage. They evenly distribute weight throughout the body instead of directly on the neck. However, be sure to remove a harness from your pet when you return home and even replace it with a collar at that time for comfort.

The actual size of a collar and harness for your dog is crucial as well. You do NOT want them to be too tight – you should be able to easily slide a couple of fingers between their fur and the material or else it is too tight. Over time, be sure to check the fit again to ensure that adjustments are not needed. Allowing a collar or harness to stay on your pet permanently without ever being resized can cause serious damage and pain to them, so this is extremely important as an ongoing maintenance issue.

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