Rules, Regulations & Laws for Dog Parks in San Diego, CA

Rules & Off-Leash Boundary Sign at Ocean Beach Dog Beach in San Diego, CA

Rules & Off-Leash Boundary Sign at Ocean Beach Dog Beach in San Diego, CA

The dog parks and beaches that are featured and reviewed on may not all be located within the city limits of San Diego, CA – Alga Norte is in nearby Carlsbad, CA and technically has a different set of rules. However, it can often be a safe bet to simply follow these same rules anytime you are on public property with your pet to keep safe and to stay courteous to ensure man’s best friend is continued to be allowed to take adventures with us. Take a quick glance at these signs at any place you visit to see if particular municipal codes may apply to that location.

One of the big things to remember is that owners are not the only one subject to these rules. If you are simply visiting Ocean Beach by yourself and someone asks you to hold their dog on a leash for a moment, you are liable to follow these rules while you are in control of the animal.

Another is that these cities do not have to provide these off-leash areas. If the regulations are not strictly followed and complaints are filed, they can simply reconsider these zones and close them without notice. Even if a simple fine doesn’t bother you, consider the permanent closing of off-leash areas and even dog parks completely within the city, so please take the time to leash and abide by these laws.

The San Diego Police Department and County Animal Services have jurisdiction over these areas and can enforce these regulations.

You can take a close-up look at the pictures of the signs here to read all of the rules, but here is a quick summary of the main rules that owners commonly break.

  • Valid License
  • Max Three Dogs Per Person
  • Leashes Required Entering & Leashing Off-Leash Areas
  • No Aggressive / Sick Dogs
  • Immediately Clean-Up and Dispose of Dog Feces

Carlsbad, CA Rules & Other Cities

Rules for Alga Norte Dog Park in Carlsbad, CA

Rules for Alga Norte Dog Park in Carlsbad, CA

As mentioned before, make sure you pay attention to the city that runs the park you visit. Alga Norte is in nearby Carlsbad and that city maintains the park. However, Carlsbad is located within San Diego County, so they still apply some of those codes to the park (which is what you see on the sign).

In general, the same rules still apply but the wording is definitely different. The San Diego rules signs are much easier to understand, but there are a couple specifics for the Carlsbad signs that should be noted – these technically still apply to any S.D. park.

  • Rabies Vaccinations Required For 4+ Month Old Dogs
  • Dog Licensing Not Required For Tourists Staying Less Than 30 Days

City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department Rules & Regulations for Dog Parks & Beaches (Not a Complete Listing of Municipal Codes)

Municipal Code 63.0102
It is unlawful for an owner or person with custody, care, charge, control or possession of a dog, or both to do any of the following within a designated Dog Off-Leash Area or Dog Training Area:

  • To have more than three (3) dogs.
  • Abandon or otherwise leave any off-leash dog unattended or unsupervised.
  • Have a female dog in estrus (heat cycle).
  • Have a dog without a current and valid dog license as required by San Diego County Code.
  • In the event of a dog bite that results in injury requiring medical care to a person or another dog, fail to provide to the injured person or owner or custodian of the injured dog, at the time of the injury, his or her full name, correct dog license information, telephone number, mailing address, and driver’s license number.

Municipal Code 44.0304.1

  • Must clean up after your dog and immediately remove any feces to a proper receptacle.

Code of Conduct / Regulations

  • Leash dog while entering and leaving Off-Leash Area.
  • Aggressive dog, declared dangerous dogs, and dogs with contagious diseases are prohibited.
  • Dog must be removed from off-leash area if aggressive.
  • Small children and infants must be under strict adult supervision at all times. Parents / adults must ask permission from dog owner / custodian for children to play with another owner / custodian’s dog.
  • Dogs must be under voice, whistle or hand signal control at all times.
  • Owner or person with custody, care, charge, control, or possession of a dog, or both must have a leash on hand at all times for each dog.
  • Excessive barking is prohibited.
  • The Off-Leash Area is subject to closure without notice.

Some parks may also have the following rules, so be sure to check each place you visit:

  • Pet treats and food for animal or human consumption are prohibited.
  • Fill any hole your dog digs.
  • Dog Training not allowed or by permit only.

Violation of the regulations may result in revocation of the Leash-Free Area designation.

San Diego Police Dept. (619) 531-2000 or 911 for emergency
San Diego County Animal Services (619) 767-2675 (North County Inland / Coastal)

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