San Diego, CA Dog Parks & Beaches

There are many different parks and beaches that are dog-friendly in the city of San Diego, California and also in nearby surrounding cities. Whether you are looking to take a peaceful walk with your canine friend or let them run off-leash for some exercise, there are many places to visit that are maintained.

Being located on the Pacific Ocean, San Diego is also home to numerous beaches that allow dogs. While some of them may require you to keep your dog on a leash, many of them do have off-leash areas, especially during the off-peak seasons. has personally visited each of these places to photograph and review them for you so you can pick your favorite place to visit and know exactly what to expect when you get there. Even though there may be a park located close to your home, you may find an even nicer park or beach just a short drive away that you may have never discovered otherwise.

No matter which place you decide to visit, be sure to take a look at our Park Rules page to ensure you do not violate any laws during your outing. Simple things like licensing your dog and cleaning up after messes they make may not seem very important but they can get you fined if you decide to ignore these regulations.

Browse through our listings below to find out more about each place and to view our picture galleries.


The Service Dog

Alison suffers from seizures, vertigo, and migraines all of which her service dog Wynn can detect before they happen. For Alison, this means being able to leave her home to go when and where she pleases instead of stuck inside in isolation and fear of the next episode. Having a loyal and well-trained dog allows her to live a more normal, care-free life.

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Ocean Beach Off-Leash Dog Beach in San Diego, CA


The original “dog beach” in the city is a popular destination for pooches and offers a ton of space, lagoons, and spectacular scenery. There is a fishing pier on one end of the beach with a jetty on the other that makes for a calmer section of ocean that is often full of dogs and their owners.

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Fiesta Island Dog Beach Off-Leash Dog Park at Mission Bay

Views of Downtown San Diego, CA

This massive and uncrowded dog-friendly island of beaches is an excellent destination for a peaceful walk with your pooch in San Diego, CA. Located in Mission Bay, there are also tons of other nearby parks, marinas and other attractions like Sea World. You can even come here at night with your dog and have a campfire on the beach in the fire pits (the island is closed to vehicles at night though).

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Rancho Bernardo Off-Leash Dog Park in San Diego, CA


This nice and well-maintained two-acre park for dogs offers three separate fenced, off-leash runs for pets of varying sizes, clean-up stations, benches and more. The attached Rancho Bernardo Community Park has tons of athletic fields, recreation for both young and old, indoor facilities, and more. May close for a couple days after heavy rains.

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Coronado Dog Beach near San Diego Offers Great Point Loma Views

Beautiful Views of Point Loma

Have a day of fun in the sun with your canine friend and enjoy some breathtaking views of Point Loma and Hotel del Coronado from the shore. While this beach isn’t located within the city limits of San Diego, it is worth the drive for anyone that lives in the city. This is the only dog-friendly beach in Coronado, and it also allows for off-leash use. Beyond the amazing views here, it also borders a US Naval Base.

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Alga Norte Dog Park with Training Obstacles & Nice Off-Leash Areas

Dog Climbing Ramp for Training

Teach your canine friend some new tricks at this amazing, well-kept off-leash park that features an obstacle course, located in Carlsbad, CA in San Diego County. Even if you don’t live nearby to this place, it is worth a drive to check it out at least once so you can try out the training obstacles to see what your pooch can do. Also makes a great destination for those rehabilitating injured pets.

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Nate’s Point Off-Leash Dog Park at Balboa Park


This is one of downtown San Diego’s most popular parks for your canine friend because of the 2+ acre off-leash area with many shaded picnic tables. There are large areas in the park that are wide-open for playing ball with your dog and also large shaded areas for cooling down. The entire dog park area is fenced in and allows both small and large dogs in the same place (no separated runs here). An off-leash training area is also here, something that is actually prohibited at many other dog parks.

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Del Mar Dog Beach with Spectacular Cliff Views

Del Mar dog beach in San Diego, CA with spectacular cliffs

Leashed dogs are allowed somewhere on this beach all year long, but during the off-peak season from Labor Day until mid June the North Beach does allow off-leash usage. You’ll also find spectacular views of oceanside cliffs, making this a really peaceful and beautiful place to take your pooch for an outing. Other activities like surfing, paddle boarding, and fishing are also allowed here.

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