Dog Waste Clean-Up Bags

Anytime you take your dog out and allow them to go “#2″ on public property, you are likely going to be required by law to immediately clean up after them or else you can be fined. This is especially true if you are visiting any of the dog-friendly parks or beaches in and around the city of San Diego in California.

Some public parks do have waste stations specifically for this purpose that can contain pooper-scoopers and/or waste bags that are available for you to use. However, you should never completely depend on these facilities, even if you know the place will have them where you are going to visit. For example, many of the stations that have bags can easily run out or have them stolen. This type of situation will not stop you from getting fined, so be sure to bring your own supply anytime you leave your house with your pet.

When it comes to cleaning up after your dog, there are two main options: the traditional scoop and more modern waste bags. We’ve discussed the pros and cons of each below in more detail to help you decide which will work best for you.

Scoops & Rakes
Pooper-scoopers and similar products still exist because a lot of people hate the idea of picking up waste with their hand through a bag, but the scoops are not very portable and practical for people that go out frequent outings with their dog. Imagine taking them on a walk at a local beach or hiking trail and carrying the scoop with you the entire way. Since you can’t return to your car for it or risk getting fined, it is really only practical for using around your own home.

Despite the fact that this option is not practical when you are away from your home, it is great for a lot of pet owners. If you have a bad back and simply cannot bend over, you may not take a lot of trips away from home with your dog and would prefer a scooper. Simple dustpan and rake combinations designed for this purpose make for easy clean-up on any terrain.

Waste Bags
The most practical option for all-around usage is the waste bag. While you can go cheap with these and simply use old grocery bags, you should highly reconsider. Fecal contamination can cause a wide variety of serious diseases, so it really isn’t worth risking it. Heavy-duty bags are honestly not expensive, especially when purchased in bulk.

Over the life of a single dog, you may need 10s of thousands of bags if you go out on a daily basis with your dog. In retail stores, they are sold in lower quantity packages that have a lot of mark-up, but you can get the same quality bags in bulk online for a fraction of the price per bag. Amazon is a great place to find these to get a year supply or even more for a great deal.

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